Order Reception and Transmission

By choosing Natixis Asset Management Finance as an intermediation specialist, portfolio managers can concentrate on their core business of choosing stocks and allocations, while also maintaining vital links with the market. Greater time and resources are therefore available to focus more on the extensive transformations taking place in the market and on trading methods arising from regulatory requirements.


Les quatre piliers de l’offre de Réception et Transmissions des Ordres de Natixis Asset Management Finance

Reap the benefit of an experienced team

Natixis Asset Management Finance’s equity and fixed-income desks are both staffed by former portfolio managers, brokers and traders. Our traders are specialized by asset class and command expertise across all underlyings.

Market access under the best possible conditions

Our Tier 1 positioning with banks and brokers secures us privileged access to primary markets and liquidity, particularly during periods of market pressure.

Our additional service offering

Alongside our main activities, we offer additional services, such as:

  • Specific intermediation reports including analyses of transaction costs (TCA), hit ratios, primary-market allocations, volume data and more,
  • A daily front office newsletter,
  • Centralization of brokerage commission-sharing: to cater to unbundling requirements, we provide an innovative administration service for research brokerage fees that is based on a commission sharing agreement (CSA). This service helps monitor sums available for allocating to research brokers, thereby simplifying your operational tasks and administrative formalities.

High-performance infrastructure

Natixis Asset Management Finance’s IT infrastructure guarantees you efficient and secure IT trading systems. Orders are managed from the CRD Order Management System via an STP connection with brokers. We use a variety of platforms to execute orders – Tradeweb, RFQ Hub, TSOX, FXALL, Triton – depending on the asset traded.

By using us for your order intermediation, you enjoy access to all kind of execution spaces: organized markets, bank books, market makers, brokers, dark pools, etc. All our teams keep on top of the latest technology by tracking market initiatives and testing new platforms.